Underwater ROV-based Survey and Inspection

Subsea Drones (ROV)

Capability Statement
  • Operate Inspection Class Mini ROVs to a depth of 200m
  • Deliver CVI & GVI surveys to HD levels – software enhanced to allow digital mapping
  • Deliver NDT (PEC & UT)
  • Deliver Laser Measurement
  • Deliver Cathodic Protection efficiency survey
  • Deliver concrete surface inspection and repair options
  • Deliver Seabed survey and lost object search

VOPAK Jetty Survey

A pioneering near-shore jetty survey of 1600 piles was completed, diver-free and with a 100% personal safety record intact. This project was also a test bed for trialling different technologies and devices for endurance and consistent capabilities.

Using equipment scaled down and modernised from those of the larger Workclass cousins the fleet of ROVs AOS met the many challenges head on. Building on the first-hand experiences gained, AOS leads this field in Southeast Asia.

National Parks Board (AKA Nparks)

AOS has been awarded phase one of Singapore territorial waters Biodiversity survey. A demanding mix of highresolution video, Side-Scan and Multi frequency sonars and a plethora of scientific sampling devices. Initial day trial was conducted at the marine reserve of Pulau Sisters’ Islands. An informative trial resulting in a spin off. The need for constant monitoring of marine habitats and artificial reefs using video capture devices. NParks subsequently procured several UW camera pods produced by AOS offshore with the capability of week-long video capture. The full survey will begin in earnest when the Covid restriction eases.

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