AOS Rig Stacking Service – Smart Stacking done Intelligently

  • Integrated Expertise, Managed with the Client in-mind
  • Holistic approach
  • QA- QC Smart Stacked
  • SME Based
AOS Offshore
Performance Rotors
Subsea Energy Solutions
ICON Engineering
Flux Valvision
Local Class Approved Divers

Our Unique approach:
Keeping you rig-ready even while stacked. A service delivered from well location to well location.

Centres of Excellence – Locations:

SEA (Singapore & Malaysia)
UAE (Abu Dhabi)
SW Africa (Namibia)


Since its inception, AOS has established a solid reputation for delivering high levels of customer satisfaction. By responding to the changing O&G market, we have completed a number of preservation projects and programmes in South East Asia and are expanding the same service to other strategic locations. We offer a choice of Roadstead or Yard bases for preservation projects. With our trusted partners we can use the latest in technology – digital, chemical and AI to digitalise the rig stack process, so it is done once, right and smart. All works are QA-QC every ninety days with full reports.

Digital Mapping of the Rig or Asset (From the Crown to the Bottom) using our sophisticated and highly capable Drones (UAV, ROV & Crawlers) with AOS & Performance Rotors.

System Preservation:

  • Application of VCI Products;
  • Hose Management with Contitech;
  • Sub Sea Equipment preserved by Sub-Sea Energy Solutions;
  • Valve Service & Management by Flux Valvision;
  • Engineering & Rig Structural Survey by ICON.

QA-QC by AOS & Performance Rotor with comparison of digital mapping to assess any corrosion or degradation, 90-120-day cycle.

Reactivation by our Preservation Engineers and rig crews

Commissioning by SMEs

Start-up to Contract Requirements by SME & MWS

Rigs Moved to Location by experienced international Rig Movers & OIMs

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