Project Support & Management

At AOS Offshore, we offer turnkey price, project management or key SME support.

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Project Support & Management

Rig Reactivations

AOS are experts in the field of Rig Reactivations.  Our SMEs are experienced in every aspect of this complex task. With experience of working for market leaders like Borr, Noble and Sea-Drill we offer holistic, flexible and cost effective solutions.

Rig Commissioning

What ever the rig we can assist either owners or clients with the complexity of managing class or regulator related issues. Mindful of schedule and budget, we have the people, the knowledge and the ability to commission your rig, your way, inside your budget and schedule.

Rig Preservation

AOS & Our partners Cortec bring the new concept of Smart Stack to the market. No more a choice between warm and cold stack, the new option brings you a preservation guaranteed for two years, executed by a small team of SMEs with focused and efficient reactivation when market conditions allow. We have brought the lessons from Asset Integrity Management to Rig Preservation. This technique is already on the market and proven on rigs, ships and FPSO. Just ask Sapura or MEO.

Construction Projects

From a new Texas Deck to a new derrick we are capable of providing a turnkey solution for all your construction projects. We aren’t a shipyard but we can design, engineer, construct, set to work and deliver on construction projects with our partners and sub-contractors.

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