Drone Inspection Services to IND4.0 Standards

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List of services
Drone Inspection Services

Our Drone Inspection service cover Land, Air, and Sea assets. Examples include Storage Terminals, Tankers, Cooling Towers, Stacks, and even entire Offshore platforms. We provide a complete 360 Application for Aerial drones, Subsea ROVs and other Specialised robotics.

Cloud-based storage solutions ensure members work from the same up-to-date point of reference. Information in the Cloud could be conveniently accessed to compare, cross-reference and fed through AI imaging overlay to track conditions of known defects with progressive data over time.

Subsea Drones (ROV)

Observation and video Survey
  • Blueye Inspection Drone
  • Gladius Underwater Drone
  • Trident Underwater Drone
Inspection, sonar scan, underwater GPS & NDT Probes
  • BlueROV2/ BlueROV2 Heavy
  • Delta ROV  (with surface power)
Offshore Inspection, Sonar scan, Ship Hull Inspection & NDT probes
Payload system & NDT probes
  • CP contact probe for cathodic protection potential measurement
  • Custom payload skid & instrument brackets
  • Deepvison ROV side scan sonar
  • Gripper arm
  • Laser distance scale
  • Multibeam Sonar
  • PEC probe – Eddyfi Pulse Eddy current UW probe
  • UT probe – Cynus Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
  • UW electric wire grinder
  • Waterlink UW GPS system

Aerial Drones

Our Strategic Partners deploy highly qualified inspections professionals to conduct aerial surveys in otherwise inaccessible or hazardous areas.

Together, we harness the power of custom-designed drones, AI and data analytics to stream-line aerial and confined space operations, reduce clients costs and eliminate HSE hazards.

Proven results which put the customer back in the driving seat of Asset Integrity Management.

Surveying, Mapping, and Photogrammetry
Photogrammetry, Mapping, Video survey and Cinematography
NDT Inspection (Nondestructive testing)

Crawlers & ATEX robotics

Mini ROV Drones for Tank
3D Photogrammetry & Multibeam Sonar modelling
Mooring Dolphin

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