Sapura stacked four rigs in quick succession in 2020

About the operation

Oil price collapsed, COVID-19 Struck, Rig crews quarantined but AOS & Cortec delivered. All works completed onetime, on budget and to client satisfaction.

The Problem

The customer wanted to lay up 4 Tender rigs under a preservation lite, as new contract would start within 1 years’ time.

The Application

  • The complete mud mixing and pump system were treated with VpCI®-609.
  • VpCI®-645 was applied for internal protection of dry tanks
  • All electric JBs, motors, and monitors both internal and external were treated with VpCI®-101, 105, and 111 Emitters.
  • The electrical/electronic cabinets located indoors & outdoors were protected by VpCI®-126 & VpCI®-126 HPUV film
  • All exposed pistons and operating systems that required lubricating as well as protection from corrosion were treated with VpCI®-369
  • All lube oil and hydraulic systems were treated with M 531
  • All exposed rusted metal that could not be properly cleaned had the loose rust brushed off and treated with CorrVerter®.
  • Any exposed corroded metal where loose metal and rust was visible was cleaned up and treated with VpCI®-369
  • CorrLube™ EP Lithium Grease was used on any area requiring grease

The Outcome

Cortec® products provided a corrosion protection solution to this customer that has resulted in the low cost storage of this high value asset, allowing for quick redeployment when required.

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