A Magnetic Drift with brush was run below the logging tool, in order to clean the well for magnetic swarf.

Location: Offshore, Norway

Placing Magnet in front of Logging Tool


Understanding well integrity is important to make critical decisions during drilling and completion operations. By examining the bond between the casing and the cement pumped into the wellbore annulus, we are able to determine if remedial work is required before completing the well.

Such information can be obtained by running cement bond logging tools. In this case Baker Hughes was going to run their Integrity eXplorer™, a cement bond logging tool, to evaluate an injector well.

“It really helped clean up the well so that the metal debris sticking to our tool was kept to a minimum. For that reason, it is highly likely that we will use it again for future operations.”

Offshore Engineer
Baker Hughes, Norway
Placing Magnet in front of Logging Tool
Placing Magnet in front of Logging Tool


  • Magnetic swarf interferes with the logging tool
  • Complicates the operation


  • Installed a MD 5500 magnet which includes a brush beneath the logging tool


  • The MD 5500 recovered most of the magnetic swarf downhole
  • Prevented interference with the logging tool
  • Reduced rig time

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