Four 3,5” Modular X Wing® Magnets were installed below the perforating guns, to recover steel debris from perforating the well Location: Offshore, Norway

Location: Offshore, Norway


Re-completion of old production wells

The toe section of the horizontal well was plugged back, and the old screens pulled due to poor production performance. The 6 5/8” liner was then logged and gauged using wireline. The well was re-perforated higher up in the horizontal section using wireline-perforating guns run on a tractor. Straddle packers were thereafter installed using a tractor. Finally, the operator installed modular screen sections over several runs, each section latched together to the previous section. The operator experienced problems to get a good latch of the screens and found the latch mechanism packed with steel debris when pulled to the surface for inspection.


  • Steel particle debris from perforating guns & casing caused problems when attempting to latch modular screen sections together


  • The challenge was identified correctly by the operator
  • Innovar supplied a 3,5” Modular X Wing® magnet to be installed below the perforating guns


  • Large amounts of steel debris was recovered on the magnets
  • Facilitated trouble free latch of modular screen sections
  • Reduced probability of mis-runs and lost rig time
Clean-Up Magnet Recovers Debris from Perforating Operation

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