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We are a specialist oilfield supply company and we help our clients find the best and most competitive products that meets their operational goals. We find the right product, for the right price and delivered on time.

About us

Our Values

Extreme Precision

  • Reduce CAPEX and OPEX
  • Worldwide network for clients
  • Operational and technical experience

Commitment to Quality

  • Accredited with ISO9001-2015
  • Agreements with several OEM companies
  • Quality products attained by direct global sourcing

Competitively Priced

  • Committed to reduce cost and improve uptime
  • Strong Presence in Asia Pacific
  • Reduce costs on offices and head count

We focus on delivering Oil & Gas, 4.0 Goods and Services to our customers.


Your partner since 2012.
AOS Offshore has been serving the leading Drilling Contractors and Subsea Contractors globally.

About AOS

Research & Development

Our service offering is backed by our strategically located onshore facilities which enable us to leverage our quality marine expertise.

Our Updates

Our Commitment to Quality

At AOS Offshore, our priority has always been to understand and solve the challenges of our clients. We work towards the highest standards towards quality and safety.

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Our Valued Partners

Serving our regional partners with global companies

Case Study

AOS Offshore operates a large, growing fleet of subsea, aerial and crawler drones for a multitude of off-shore and critical infrastructure inspection purposes. These versatile and capable drones allow us to meet our clients’ inspection needs, and are all man-portable, globally deployable within 36 hours of mobilisation.

Within the realm of mini drones, AOS is a global leader in the integration of man, machine, sensors, software and AI to deliver a fully digitalised condition monitoring assessment. An assessment tool which ultimately delivers predictive maintenance and Ind4.0 engineering support.

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AOS Offshore News

May 5, 2021 in Innovation

How 3 companies in Singapore redefine problems as opportunities

We often hear about what the “the new normal” should be, but we rarely hear about how businesses are getting…
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January 9, 2020 in Innovation, Inspection

INNOMAG® HD String Magnets

Heavy duty string magnets for milling and wellbore cleaning operations Introduction The heavy-duty Innovar Innomag® string magnet is a wellbore…
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January 9, 2020 in Innovation, Inspection

Clean-Up Magnet Recovers Debris from Perforating Operation

Four 3,5” Modular X Wing® Magnets were installed below the perforating guns, to recover steel debris from perforating the well…
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January 9, 2020 in Innovation

Improved Well Log Achieved by Placing Magnet in front of Logging Tool

A Magnetic Drift with brush was run below the logging tool, in order to clean the well for magnetic swarf.…
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